Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mystery portraits

After looking at chuck close, I asked the staff for suggestions, then picked 7 images. Manipulated in photoshop, cut and distributed one square to each child. Every kid learns about color mixing and participates in a collaborative mural. Pretty nice results!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chuck close style portraits

Lots of versions of this project, here is what my students are doing:

These directions come from art-paper-scissors blog
Chuck Close Portraits
- 9" x 12" Paper
- Colored Pencils
- Pencils
- Student Photographs
- Rulers
- Sharpies
- Chuck Close References

1. Take student pictures and edit to black and white.   We will use an internet program called “Dumpr”.  Print out.

2. Have each student trace major outlines with a sharpie (or pencil first in case they make mistakes).

3. Using a lightbox or window, trace contour line drawing onto "good paper" with sharpie (or again, pencil first in case of mistakes).
4.   Make a 1" grid. 


5. In each box, draw a shape or pattern. I thought of about 15 and then just started repeating them.

6. Color in background with two separate colors. Color in hair with two separate colors (don't forget the eyebrows!). Color in skin (face and neck) with two separate colors. Color in shirt with two separate colors. 

It works best if the colors could generally work out in a "checkerboard" pattern; One background of one square is one color and the accent is a second color, and the surrounding squares are vice-versa.