Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Students participating in Inktober

Grid drawing fall 2019

Number 2 Pencil Project

Students are again attempting to blend their own content with the concepts of No. 2 pencils.

Inspiration and Purpose of the Assignment:
Any object that is seen or used on a regular basis begins to go unnoticed.  What we stop seeing is the form, color, or the object's visual properties.  For years you have been using No. 2 pencils in school on a daily basis.  They are indeed an ordinary, everyday object.  What can you develop when you build a 2-D image using pencil shapes and colors?

Studio Assignment
Transform a simple line drawing into an unusual new idea:  What if this object was made completely out of pencils?

 Steps in class:

1.    Introduce the project, start brainstorming:  Give students their drawing paper from the drawing center (18x12) and write name, date, hour in left corner, and below, work as a class to remember the characteristics of regular pencils.  In other words, what do they look like?  What materials?  What colors are used?  What shapes?  ( yellow, hexagonal, etc.)

2.    On the front they need to create a contour line drawing of the subject that you have chosen.  This means no shading, little or no texture.  Just lines.  It needs to be drawn LARGE on the paper or they will need to restart.  There are drawing books in drawing “studio” that students could use if they need.  You could also look things up on the internet, or students can in the research “studio” if necessary.

3.    Fill the contour drawing with drawings of no. 2 pencils (using a no.2 pencil).  Stretch, squish, curve, and transform the pencil shapes to fit your space (You must include at least 30 pencils in your drawing).   Look at the examples from the sub folder for inspiration on how to do this.

4.    Add color to your drawing using colored pencils.