Friday, January 6, 2012

Monochromatic Value Portraits

We have been working on a "Posterized" photograph of ourselves.  First, we get photos taken in front of a blank screen on the smartboard.  The white background and bright light from the projector are a great quick photo studio.  I print them up and students go over the edges of the value shapes with pen.  We then take them to a window, and transfer the lines to a new sheet of paper.  (I also photocopied their drawings 4 times to extend the project into a pop art piece (more on that later))  Then we paint in the image using the original as a guide.  Working from black (pure color) to light and white.  Pick a contrasting color for the background.

Here is another art teacher who has produced a project just like this one....

Sells Art: 8th grade value drawings and song paintings!:

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