Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zentangle Letters Lesson

Starters, here are the resources.
tangle patterns- Zentangle resource with tutorials
Original idea, at enthusiasticartist blog

So in preparing students sketchbooks, I wanted a way to add a tag that tells us who owns the book.  So I found this image on Pinterest, by Margret Bremner.
Margret Bremmer
Margret Bremner

Characteristics:  White out letter, ( I used Cooper Black as our font)
                         Background filled in with various Zentangles.
                         Leave a border

Students will tstart by going to the computer lab to research zentangle patterns, and fill some space in their sketchbook with zentangles they like.
Then they trace their initials, and fill in a rectangle around it with zentangles, using black pens or fine tip markers.  Glue as a super cool label for their sketchbook!

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