Monday, October 7, 2013

Op Art Cubes

Op art is short for Optical Art-  It is a style of art that takes advantage of optical illusions.   Artist such as Bridget Riley explored our perceptions.  How can it look 3-d when it is really flat?  This sub lesson is one such exploration into 3-d op art.

Drawing a 3-d Illusion Cube

You will need:

1 12x 12 sheet of drawing paper.

1.     Trace the hexagon on the back of the instructions onto a sheet of drawing paper. 

You may need to use a ruler. 
se the ruler to connect the opposite corners. (see picture.)

2.     Make a dot 2 inches from the outside on each line.

3.     Connect the dots to make a smaller hexagon.

4.     Erase every other line in the smaller hexagon.

5.     Erase the OPPOSITE every other line in the bigger hexagon.

6.     Color opposite sides to match.  You will need 3 values. ( a darker, lighter, and medium version of one color)


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