Friday, January 31, 2014

Expressive color animals

 Our current project is expressive color portraits of animals. The plan is to send it to Art to Remember, a fundraising company so we can buy more art supplies! We are looking at the artwork of Franz Marc as inspiration.

Franz Marc, a German Expressionist, was a founder of the "Blue Riders" group and had wonderfully expressive portraits of animals.  My students investigated several of his works, including "The Large Blue Horses" from 1911.  

  Students then use classroom resources to draw realistic pictures of animals: books and packets on how to draw animals. We talked about blending colors, and using them to shade light to dark.  Student then paint the animals in with expressive colors.  The company then prints their artwork on different objects for profit.

After we finished this project, I sent them to the company, which does all the organization, (probably realizing their clientele and contacts are right-brained art teachers) they send directions, mailing labels, all the works.  They scan the students work and print out personalized order forms, so parents can see what their child's work will look on lots of different products.

I think that the students really enjoy seeing their artwork on such a professionally printed form, even if they do not order, its a great experience for all.

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