Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Positive negative space lesson

Sub Lesson October 4, 2014                                            Mintert
Positive Negative Space Project 2

Materials:  12x18 paper
4x4 square of paper for tracing shape.
Colored Pencil Sets
        Start by distributing a 12x18 sheet of drawing paper and tell them “in the upper left hand corner put your first and last name, todays date, and class hour of what will be the back”- we start all drawing projects this way.
The students are asked to choose a simple shape and create a pattern of that shape to trace onto the small paper.  This shape could be almost anything.  Some example possibilities are music notes, maple leaf, hearts, peace signs, stars, numbers, letters, flowers, geometric shapes, etc.   They draw it on the small square, and cut it out. It could have open space inside if they want, like in the peace sign.
The students then are to trace the shape over and over across the paper overlapping the shapes to create interesting negative shapes. Students have learned about negative shapes, ask them if they know what that means.  Then they erase the lines where the shapes overlap.
 After they complete their composition, they add color to the background with colored pencils.  They get to choose the colors and patterns to enhance their design. The coloring should be solid and complete, no wimpy coloring.  They must use at least 3 colors. They can use stripes, geometric patterns, waves, curls, zig zags, etc.  Remind the students to “Take a set, use a set, return a set.”  There are enough sets for every student to have their own set.  They are brand new so make sure they are being respectful with them.
Here is how they will be graded:

Overlapping shapes-      30 points
Do your shapes overlap or are there a lot of gaps?
Completed coloring-      30 points
are all the background areas filled in with solid color?
Craftsmanship-                40 points
How well did you draw and color?  Is it neat or sloppy?
Total                                 100 points


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