Friday, September 11, 2015

Marble paper!

Students are attempting to make marble paper for the covers of their sketchbooks.


  1. I would love to know what you used and the steps to make these beautiful sketchbooks I am going to make sketchbooks with students next week

  2. Not sure if you are asking about marbling or book binding. heres my respones for both:
    Marbling: Get Carraghenan (Sp?) marble mix and prepare according to its directions. fill a bin with abou 1 inch of marble mix. Water down acrylic paints. drip the paints across the surface of the mix and stir with a stick. when you have achieved desired results, lay a sheet of paper in the mix. immediately remove and lay on a drawing board. use a squeegee to remove excess gunk ( allow it to roll back into the mix) and Voila! beautiful marble paper. put on drying rack till you are ready.

    Step 2, bookbinding. When paper is ready, take precut covers made of posterboard and laminate the marble paper around it using watered down glue and a house brush. I also finish the inside with an end sheet. Allow these two seperate covers to dry. once dry, stack sheets and covers together and use a hammer and nail to hammer 5 holes about 1/2 inch away from spine edge. This is to prepare it for Japanese stab binding. I keeep it all together with a couple of rubber bands. stitch together,and you have a great sketchbook. I also have the students pre fold the front cover on the holes to make a hinge to allow the front to open easier. Hope this helps.