Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Radial name mandalas

This was a sub lesson based on a design I saw here at Mrs. Art Teacher!Sub Lesson Plan, 

Here are most of the additional notes I left for my sub

Mintert, December 9, 10, 11. 2015
This project is a Radial design.  It is based on their name and repeating it 8 times around a center point.  The students can do this by folding and copying the design from side to side.  More specific directions on the project are on the following pages. ( see the link above)

Each student gets a sheet and they can start folding.
When you get to the end of a class ( lets say the last 5 minutes), have the students flip the paper over, and choose what will be the top.  They always put their information on the upper left corner of the back of their papers.  First Name, last name, class hour and date.  I usually collect them by table.  They stack the 2 or 3 projects for that desk in the corner for you to grab up and stack to store for the next day.

Day 1: Wed
                Introduce lesson and how it is made. Start drawing name and spreading the design from side to side.
Day 2: finish transferring the designs and start with color.  You may have them outline with sharpie  before color ( this will make the project last longer too.  Sharpies are on my desk, just have them put a scrap sheet under to protect the tables ( also on my small desk.)  Color should be done with colored pencils.  Each table gets a white box with 3 colored pencil sets.     If you want to make this project more challenging, you may require a couple more elements:
1.       Require pattern to be added to the design.
2.       Require them to use lighter and darker values to increase contrast and interest.
You may have to make an example or work on a student project to show them what you are talking about.

Day 3: finish Coloring.  If for some reason a student can get this all finished and there is still time, you have a couple options
1.       Have them help another student get their project finished.
2.       They can start on another radial design.

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