Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Large scale tiger murals

On of our final projects for the semester are large scale collaborative tiger murals made on 12 x 12 sheets with tempera paint. 
The way this worked this year was as follows:
1. Teacher selects image and uses online program to enlarge and print.
2. Each design is divided into at least  30 squares for a class of  25.
3. The back of each design is numbered, an arrow drawn to indicate what is "up" and a symbol to remember which mural it belongs to.
4. The image is cut apart and students are assigned pieces.
5. Each student uses grid drawing to make sure their piece is drawn correctly.
6. All the student work is assembled before painting to find drawing mistakes.  Students then collaborate with each other to fix drawing issues before painting.
7. After a couple of class periods, the individual pieces are arranged again and students figure out where they have painting issues to fix.
8. Students who finish their project early can help other students finish their painting.
 9.   When all the projects are finished, they are taped together on the back and put on display in the halls.

Above is me and my 2nd hour class installing their mural in the Central office for the District!

Here are images of students in progress, the original images, and one example of the organized back grid with student names.

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