Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Design a Minion project

Design-A-Minion Lesson

Mintert     Art 2016

Objective:  Each student will design their own minion.

What could your minion be?
 As a self-portrait?
 As a superhero?
Character from a movie?
 Famous person?
Famous athlete?
or someone from history?

1.      1.  Draw a basic minion.  Some have one eye, some have 2.  See one of the tutorials on how to draw minions.
2.   2  Change and add parts to make it new.  For example, if it is a Captain America Minion, it will have a shield, mask, and costume like Captain America, but the body, head and parts of a minion.
3.     3  Title the Minion so we know what you were trying to make.
4.     4  Add a background that matches.
5.     5  Outline with black Sharpie Marker.
6.     6  Color with colored pencils and markers.

Rubric                                                                                        Points
Minion body/ characteristics                                                       30
New content-transformed into something more than Minion     30
Background                                                                                 10
Craftsmanship                                                                              30
Total                                                                                             100

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