Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1 point perspective cities and rooms

Students followed up their name drawing project with a fairly intense double drawing:  Use perspective to draw a cityscape and a room.  In both cases, students could choose whatever they wanted to go into the city or room.  Here are the rules of perspective we cover and reiterate as we work:

1. When an object goes back in space, lines go back to the Vanishing Point (VP).
2. On round objects, you connect the outermost point to the VP (this is hard to describe)
3. If something gets in between your line and the VP, then the line stops. (overlapping rule)
4.  Front and Back edges match.  (they go same direction.  same for top and bottom.)
5. As things go back in space they appear smaller.

We also covered vertical, horizontal, diagonal and orthagonal.

We used t-squares and triangles to create true verticals and horizontals, which most of the students had never used before.

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