Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1 point perspective names

We are drawing our names using 1 point perspective.  Here is how we go through that.  

1.  We use a template to trace our letters.  I found a block alphabet and printed it large on 11x 17 paper.  I also drew a top and bottom registration line on them so the students could line them up.  Here is the two templates.

2.  The names have to have at least 5 letters.  Students draw a vanishing point far below in the middle of the name under, also, they trace their ruler under the name to help form some parts of the back edges.
3.  Students draw the orthagonals, the lines heading to the VP.
4. All along the way, I start introducing the basic rules of 1 point perspective.  Here they all are together.
1 Point perspective Rules:
1.  When objects go back in space, the lines go back to the Vanishing Point (V.P.)
2.  On round objects, the outermost point gets connected to the V.P.
3. If something gets between the line and V.P., then the line stops (overlapping.)
4. Front and back edges match (go same direction.)
5. As things go back in space, they appear to get smaller. 
5.  Students have 2 out of 3 parts then.  Fronts and Sides, missing the back edges.  Rule 4 and 5 help to explain how these are finished.
6.  Students embellish the fronts using the worksheet I downloaded from

7.  As time allows, students should also add an interesting background.

Here are some of the results.

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  1. I flunked this assignment, twice. I can't figure out where to take the lines on top sides. Thanks for all your posts. I am self taught and need all the help I can get. My art teacher in jr high was too busy chasing girls to teach us anything. I see how wrong all that was now.