Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Parody project 2015

A hit every time we do it, this project is based on the artwork of a famous painter.  Students will generate a humorous version of the original art work.  Here are our steps.
1. Students trace small versions of the artwork in their sketchbook and come up with at least 3 ideas there.
2. Students then show the sketchbook to the instructor and the best one is selected.  Successful designs relate to the old, but have plenty of new content.  One big issue we have at this stage is making sure that choices are intentional, not just random or destructive.  PURPOSEFUL CHOICES!
3. Once one is chosen, the can take a coloring book version of the original to trace onto their paper.
4.  Next they remove elements, change things, add things.   
5. Once the transformation is complete, students then outline the image with colored markers, and fill in with colored pencils.

I think they had some amazing results!

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