Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friendly Rivals Project

Example from the article

Original Lesson is from 2006 issue of Arts & Activities, article written by Irv Osterer.  Its been several years since we last attempted this project. I let some students use the packet I developed to draw some of their images for another project, and they read the directions and wanted to try!  In fact, I have not done this project since I started this blog in 2012.  Here is how it goes:

Concept:  Pair two normally aggressive or adversarial characters in a friendly pose.

Vocabulary:  Adversary, Conflict

Studio:  Start by brainstorming as many “polar opposites” as possible.  You may include characters and businesses. Also brainstorm as many things to show friendship.   
Test your ideas in your sketchbook.  The drawings must show the “rivals” acting in a friendly manner, not as enemies.
After showing drawings to Mr. Mintert, we will select one to draw large on 12 by 18 inch drawing paper.
They will be finished with paint.

Accurate drawing of rivals                       30 points
Large drawing                                           20 points
Clear illustration of friendly behavior    30 points
Good craftsmanship                                 20 points
Total                                                          100 points

One of the first things we do is introduce the concept of rivalry, advesary, enemy, polar opposites.  the next thing is to brainstorm as a class to come up with some possibilities

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