Monday, May 18, 2015

Hexaflexagons 2015

Hexagons are 6 sided geometric shapes.  A hexaflexagon is a hexagon that can flex into different orientations! First discovered by Authur Stone in 1939, I discovered this for the first time at an art teacher conference at a presentation by Marilynne Bradley.  This mathmatical model is a folded paper figure that flexes, sort of like a kaleidoscope.  There are even premade templates on the internet.  Here is one based on Monsters Inc. characters.

In class, we use a compass to mark out and create 10 equilateral triangles to make the paper model.  here are some pics to explain how this happens.  

I set the compass to 6 diameter, and as long as that stays the same you should be able to swing forward and backward to mark the 3 corners of a equilateral triangle.

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