Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rhino project

Albright Durer made an amazing drawing of a rhino without even seeing it in 1515. This lesson is originally found in the book "From Ordinary to Extraordinary", an art and design book by Ken Vieth.
 Students are manipulating this famous rhino to add new content.  They trace a simplified version of the rhino 4 times in their sketchbook and try to come up with 4 different themes.  The best one is applied to a large rhino that they traced from an original large scale template on 11x17 paper.

This time around, we used watercolor pencils to complete.  Really nice results.  They color just as if it were a colored pencil project, then use a small brush and some water to move the color around.

As a neat side note, our incoming superintendent came in while students were working on this project and I got to give him the history lesson on Durer just like the students!

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