Monday, March 12, 2012

Clay LOOMING Over my Head!!!

I thought making clay looms would be awesome.  They could be. They should be. They will be.  They are not yet.  We have 150 students in art right now, and I had 50 break before they went into the kiln, and I'm not sure if the rest will make it. Thanks to a couple of staff who helped on an early out, we made up 25 more, and they are still to be fired.  And all glazed, before we can even think about weaving.   When we do, Ill update.  Here's what we have so far...

It is a slab technique.  I made a frame like this one for cutting slabs quickly, from something I saw on Pinterest.

Pinned Image
then we use rollers to apply texture, and used a template to trace the opening and loom holes.
Flip it over, put name on it.  Set it on paper towel on a clay board to dry.  Put in kiln, fire, glaze, fire, and string up the weft.  weave between.  see this website for great details.

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