Thursday, March 15, 2012

Starry Starry Night!

This started as a sub plan.  Our 4 floors look like a starry night!

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Basically, I printed this template off, and photocopied it with scrapbook patterns on the other side. Each student needs 5 templates. ( for me, that  750 copies!)  They cut, score, fold, glue.  Then we hang. Here are the steps on the instruction sheet I give to every student.  The student copy included an image from the original website. 

5 Point Star Directions
1.   Cut and Score.   Cut five shapes using the template. Use the paper template as a guide and score along the fold lines to give crisp folds. I used an empty ball point pen.
 Cut and Score
2.  Fold. Fold along the lines and glue the long edge together. This forms one point of the star. Repeat until all five points have been formed.
 Fold Points
3.  Assemble the star.  Now it's time to start assembling the star! Take two points, run a line of glue or double sided tape along one of the inverted 'v' edges of the open part of the point and attach this to the next point as shown.
 Start to Assemble the Star
4.  Finishing.  Attach the final point to complete the star. This can be a little fiddly, so it is best to attach one side of the final point, before attaching the remaining side.


  1. This one is great! Thanks for sharing your ideas! You say your wife is an art teacher too? My hubby is a Tech Ed teacher and I think it works because we are both creative minds but he helps keep me focused. What a creative world your kiddo's must live in!

    I pinned this one and now that I have found your blog, you're on my blog roll too:)


    1. I have admired your work in the classroom for a year or so through your blog and pinterest. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the pin/ blog roll. Im just getting started!