Monday, March 12, 2012

Trippy Painting!

Painting in the blacklight is always an enjoyable experience for art students.  Nearly any project with color and paint will do, but I find that mandalas are an easy way to work.  Get flourescent tempra from Dick Blick, and go to town!  I let the sets dry out, and students can use them like watercolor.  (saves a lot on waste, espically with this rare and expensive resource)  All it takes is an investemnt in the system.  I have two fixtures with four bulbs (would love to double this) The radial design was created using a small template that was repeated.  Here is a website with similar procedures.


  1. Oh, what fun! I bet the kids totally LOVED this! Did you have any trouble getting your room dark enough?

  2. I have roll blinds that cover the three windows pretty easily, I just tape the edges down and stuff some fabric at the top. I cover the window in the door with brown paper. I set up a spotlight on the sink ( a compact flourescent lightbulb halfway down a cardboard tube) so they can see the brushes and cleaning. trouble is my Peace Lily starts to fade if the lesson takes to long!