Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greetings from! Postcard project

This project will focus on travel.  Where have you been?  When you were there, did you send home a postcard?

probably not.  With smartphones, Twitter, Facebook, etc., the artform of writing and sending postcards is becoming a lost one.  I'm bringing it back baby!  I started by researching images of traditional travel postcards from 30's to 60's.  I found there was a formula that many followed:
1.  Name of place was written large.
2. The font was bold and wide enough to fit images from that place inside the letters.
3. The lettering has a white outline inside the letter.
4.  The lettering was either shadowed or had a 3-dimensional aspect.
5. The phrase "Greetings From"  was written in smaller text, typically in script.
6. The remaining space was interesting design or a landscape from that place.
7.  Often a motto or slogan was added.

This will guide how my students will create their artwork.

We started by looking at  examples.  Here are a few I picked up at Goad's Antique Mall on the Carthage Square for 50 cents apiece.  Thanks for the help Susan!

here is the grading scale;
10 points -Phrase "Greetings from"
20 pts      - Name of Place
                     5    Large
                     5    Shadow
                     5    White outline
                     5    Capitolized
40pts       - 4 images to support the location
30 pts      -craftmanship

100 points total

I also found a website that has a blank "Greetings From" postcard template.  Its here.


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  2. love it!! What grade did you do this with??

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