Friday, January 9, 2015

New Semester? New Years Resolutions Too!

This is a lesson I presented to my students 2 years ago.  The original idea was presented at the Missouri District 9 art show in 2012 by Carl Junction Junior High art instructor Elizabeth Cosby (although she doesn't even remember the lesson!)

Here's what we do: 
1.  We look at what a New Year's Resolution is. I am surprised how many JH students have never heard of this concept.

2. We look at a short list of examples and students choose a resolution.

3.  Students start by dividing the paper for design variety. I demonstrate using the document camera several varieties.  Keeping it simple, we use rulers to quickly divide paper into at least 6 areas.  They will connect corners and middle points to get a variety of possibilities.

4.  The resolution needs to be simplified it to a one or two word phrase. This is written large and lightly. 

5.  Students then turned the letters into block, bubble, etc. letters.  Every time a student crossed one of those earlier lines, they choose a different lettering format.

6.   Then we color and fill with pattern. Display! Commit! Resolve! Grow!

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