Friday, January 16, 2015

Unusual flower names

Just reviewed my blog:  Last time we tried visual puns was 3 years ago.  Here is our faithful attempt.

1.  Introduce puns.  Ask any kids if they know any, whats its definition. (a play on words.)   Look up a list of puns on internet. Laugh.  Visual puns are similar. Type that in Google and look at some examples.  

2.  Give the "Unusual Flower Names " packet with above list and imagery to students.  They need to pick 4.

3.  In their sketchbook, students work out 4 ideas of what it might look like.  They bring the book to me and we select one as the best idea.  

4.  Students then draw the design large on 12 x 18 in. paper.

5.  The designs are painted using tempera cakes, a very watercolor-esque technique.  

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