Friday, February 20, 2015

Celtic Knot Designs

Based on art from millennia past, the Celts spread across Northwestern Europe.  We commonly think of this as an Irish art form, and the students mostly just saw this as a visual challenge.  They needed to work out how to create the over/under pattern to successfully complete this project.  We started by practicing with the trinity knot.  Then students practiced in their sketchbook with 10 overlaps.  Only then did we move on to the radial design.

In one quadrant, students needed to make a design with 20 overlaps.  They needed to make sure that some components went off the edges to other squares to make the lines rotate all around.  

The image is transferred from side to side by coloring in the lines dark and pressing on the back with something hard.  we used hand pencil sharpeners.

Once the design is transferred, its time to color.

Shading should be used to make the "Over/under" pattern really stand out.

Here is our grading scale.

20 successful "over/under" paths in 1 section.      30 points
Design is repeated correctly in all 4 sections        30 points
Use shading to show depth                                    30 points
Total                                                                      100 points

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