Friday, February 13, 2015

Collaborative Mural Project

Repeat from last semester, link to that blog post here.  This is part puzzle, part color matching, and give students the chance to be part of something big.

Teacher side:  I select an image, use to expand the image.  Measure and divide, mark the back with class information, direction, and number.  Cut apart and disperse to students.  I chose a square format for ease of measurement.  But beware of flipped images.
the large image is divided on a grid, so I have students use this project to try out grid drawing.  they divide out a color copy of the original, and put a matching yet larger grid on drawing paper.

Once the drawing is finished, its time for collaboration.

We piece the puzzle back together and students finally get to see the big picture.  They also discover if the pieces match well or not.  They find out who their neighbors are in the design and fix the mismatched edges.  The following two images are from a middle point, checking on alignment and color matching.

For grading, individual students need to meet standards in this rubric:

Accurate Shapes:                 30 points
Accurate Colors:                  30 points
Craftsmanship/ neatness:     40 points
Total                                     100 points

The project progresses individually, with frequent check ins with neighbors for color and line.  Once all the images are complete, we piece them together again and tape them on the seams in the back.

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